Friday, February 26, 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary....

(picture from weheartit)
I mentioned a few days ago that I was hoping to plant my tulips on Monday. Well I was able to plant them and they seem to be flourishing! (Despite the slightly gloomy and drizzly days we had.) I took some pictures of them today, so I hope you enjoy!

Aren't they lovely? It's ironic, I very much enjoy rigid-type flowers, like tulips and daffodils and such. But I still think my favorite flower is a peonies. I should really do more research on flowers, they're so interesting.

In other news I've been watching Emma on Masterpiece Theatre, it's absolutely lovely. You can watch it all online here, until March 9. I can't wait for the BBC or Masterpiece Theatre to remake all the Harry Potter films, and have them actually coincide with the books.

Inspirational Photo Friday : Butterflies & Flowers & Beauty, oh my!

Today's inspirational photos all come from the lovely pages of "L'archives d'une couple amoreux" (sidebar: didn't know what tumblr was til now! I'd heard of it but I think I always associated it with flickr. oops!) It's a bit like weheartit because I've seen pics on the site that I recognize from The Cherry Blossom Girl and other sites. But they have a lovely collection. I actually found the site because I saw this illustration to the right on weheartit, and wanted to know where it was from.

So here are the beautiful photos I handpicked off their site.

All the butterfly ones remind me of "Bright Star", which I just watched the other day. So lovely! Oh to live in the English countryside and catch beautiful butterflies all day long.
These are poesy's right? They're absolutely beautiful.

Je manque Paris beaucoup.

So that's it for now, have an enchanting weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music: Michael Franti & Spearhead

I heard this song on the radio today and as soon as I got home looked it up because it was so much fun to listen to.

It's called "Say Hey (I love you)" and its by Michael Franti & Spearhead. I'm not sure if it's a remake because it was very familiar to me. Either way, it has great rhythm and seems like a perfect summer song to dance to. I love the Jamaican sounds, as well as the beats which remind me a bit of Black Eyed Peas.

If you want to listen to other songs of their new album "All Rebel Rockers" just go here, or go to Amazon and buy it for only $10!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Teal Etsy Finds

Yesterday's inspirational photos all based around teal and aquamarine got me searching for more. And in doing so I've come up with a few Etsy finds for you!

1."Royal Typewriter" by Nan Lawson
2."Peacock Blue Chalcedony and Sterling Earrings" by twig and clover
3."Turquoise and Brown Frayed Rosette Headband" by YellowBlackBird
4."Blue Hydrangea, Original Watercolor Painting" By lauratrevey
5. "Very Pretty long Chocolate Brown and Teal Tutu Skirt for Toddlers and Little Girls .By I luv u tutu much boutique as featured by Parents Magazine" by ILuvUTutuMuch
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Hopefully I will be able to plant my tulip bulbs tomorrow, finger's crossed!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inspirational Photo Saturday : Mermaid's Cove

Todays photos are inspired by a conversation my boyfriend and I had about what sort of crayon would we make and what would we call it. I decided on a blue hue found in some of these photos and wanted to call it mermaid's lagoon, or mermaid's cove, and something... Also inspired by photos I've seen recently of the Great Barrier Reef, and beaches in my future home, SYDNEY, Australia! Enjoy. :)

all photos are from weheartit.

Friday, February 19, 2010

How beautiful is this room?
I love the use of wooden wine cases as tables. I have one that I snagged from my parents, but it's just holding all my craft supplies. I was going to drill holes in it and put it on the back of my bike, but I wanted to wait for the rainy winter to pass, and now my crafts have moved in, and I'm moving in 4 months, so I don't really think it's worth it anymore. But as a little table for a cake stand, I could do that! I wonder if I could weasel any more out of my parents next time I'm in town. When I lived on Catalina Island we used to use all those plastic milk crates from the general store for EVERYTHING. Side tables in our rooms, bookcases, chairs, tables, you name it we used a crate as it. (Remember I mentioned I was going to use the wooden wine box for the back of my bike... guess what's actually there now... a plastic milk crate.) Well that picture is from Cut Magazine, although I can't find where. (My German is sort of... non-existent. It is German on that site right?) I saw it through Cup of Jo.

And here is an absolutely STUNNING purse (pictured left). For you know, way more money than I have. It's by Nancy Bird, and they have tons of other gorgeous purses. I
could spend a fortune there!

And the whole reason I started this post
was to tell you that I
have some new pieces hitting the Etsy store in the coming days. These necklaces were all inspired by The Secret Garden, which is evidenced in the darling vintaged brass key. I hope you like them!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rainbow of Baker's Twine

You know baker's twine? That lovely red and white twine that bakeries wrap around a nice big box of cupcakes of cookies?
Of course there are plenty of other uses for it, here is one that I thought was adorable:


all of those above photos come from Style Notes, a blog which is a new addition to my blog reader as of... now.

So needless to say Baker's Twine is lovely, and a beautiful addition to just about anything, be they a box of sweets or a save the date. I recently bought myself by own Baker's Twine but in the most mouth watering color of teal ever. It makes me want to dive into a well temperatured pool and frolic around for a bit. My beautiful twine is from the company Divine Twine, which also has Orange (reminds me of a cream-cicle! also mouth-watering....), Green Apple, Licorice, and Lemon (see picture). I'm thinking about getting myself some Green Apple. Each roll has 240 yards! Definitely worth way more than the $15 they're charging. I love it!

I made a care package for a friend who moved to Colorado, and it gave me a chance to break out my baker's twine, which I though paired very nicely with the brown packaging paper I have. The vintagey looking labels went nicely too I thought, though my child-like Sharpie writing sort of takes away from the whole thing.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog: Mrs. Lilien

I found the adorable blog Mrs. Lilien through Style Notes, another great blog. Each post is stylized for a personality or preference. Each outfit is perfectfly picked out, it is really quite impressive. Examples: Mrs. Downtown, Mrs. Uptown, and my personal favorite, Mrs. In Wonderland, which can also be seen below.

How completely Alice-y is that robin's egg blue dress? And those rose high heels are beautiful. I love it.

Love : Elk Accessories

I saw Elk Accessories through some blog somewhere on the ether (sorry don't remember which!), and quickly scurried over to check out the rest of their goods. And they do not disappoint! They have purses, and shirts, and hats, and necklaces, and earrings ,and brooches, and more! It's lovely. So all their necklaces are superb, if I posted a few pictures of them I would end up posting them all, and that is just far too many. So I recommend that you too scurry on over to their site and check them out for yourselves. But here are two luscious leather pieces to make your mouth water until then... Enjoy. :)
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Come thou font of every personality.

The lovely blog Somethings Hiding In Here turned me on to this darling little quiz made by the folks at Pentagram. Apparently they researched the topic for 7 years before finally developing a simple, 4 question quiz to determine what is your font. Mine is Perpetua Tilting light, which I like very much, though if you look at all the options there are lots of very lovely ones that I would like to download for myself! More research on that later.... So let me know, which font is yours??