Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wild Thing

So Halloween is this Saturday. I don't really have anything planned, but despite this I have a costume idea: Max from Where The Wild Things Are! (Which is a beautiful film by the way... although the plot is a bit slow.) I already have super short boy hair anyways!

I told my mom this and being the amazing woman she is she told me to get a pattern and she'd see what she could do. Unfortunately I couldn't find a pattern online and got distracted with other things and am not home anymore so there goes THAT plan... But nonetheless, when it comes to dream Halloween costumes for '09, mine is Max.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

jewelry launch

We launched the dotanddashdesigns website about a week ago. The website was an accidental by-product of the web design class I'm currently taking. This is perfect though, because wanting to make the website better will help me further improve my web design skills. The idea to try selling the jewelry I make came to me about six months ago, as a goal to set for myself after I got back from Catalina. I worked on a lot of pieces over the summer, and came back with enough items to start with.

We're selling the items through our Etsy page, and so far we're doing better than I ever thought possible! (Thank you to the friends who bought things!)

I'm excited to make a lot more jewelry and put them up as soon as possible! I'm having fun making things that I find beautiful, and finding out that other people like them too.

This blog is to keep thing updated on what's happening with dotanddashdesigns, as well as other random things.

Have a lovely day,