Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Read: Lolita

So I finished Lolita (by Vladimir Nabokov) last night. I posted recently about the books I was reading, and that's the first one done for now! I'm working on The Lovely Bones now. (I'm 26% done according to Kindle.)

I really liked the book. I see why it was banned and is still rather controversial. Lolita is a like no one I think I have ever met. It's hard to put into words (mostly because I'm distracted by watching LOTR right now...).

It's creepy at times, because you think what you read, and you're reading about this man lusting for this young girl. But it's highly psychological and you begin to understand the spell he is under. While it is only one-sided I believe, Humbert's love for Lolita is truly beautiful. He loves her, is obsessed with her, would do anything for her. It is creepy, but it's also sweet how he finds beauty in her smallest movement, in the smell of her on the sheets, how he memorizes the way she moves her tennis strokes and her face as she practices acting.

I am glad I read it, and look forward to reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran", I hope they talk about Lolita a bit. And of course I recommend it, if you can take the slight perviness of falling headfirst into the mind of a certified pedophile.

Oh yeah I was image searching "Lolita" on weheartit.com and people have this odd impression that Lolita is extremely gothic. I do not know where they got this from. In my mind she was all gingham and bubblegum and short skirts and knobby knees and hollywood magazines. And those heart sunglasses are apparently her signature piece from the movie, or so I gather. I've added the Jeremy Irons version to my Netflix for viewing eventually, it sounds like it was very faithful to the book.
both photos are from weheartit.com

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