Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hodge Podge of Stuff!

I've had a lovely few days off. First there was Santa Barbara, and then there was staying with the lovely Paris girls in San Diego. A very great time was had by all. Here are two pictures from the hike we did:

This is Tangerine Falls!

This is a bit of a modge podge entry, just a bunch of stuff I wanted to share. Here's a video that shows the creepy similarities in drawing and movement of some Disney movies, suggesting that they just reused the basics and drew over things I think. It's interesting to watch, and that french song is awesome, I wonder what it is!

I'm a big fan of this concept for eco-friendly packaging for Coke.  You can read all about the project here on the Packaging World Blog.  It's a design project by a gentleman, and not actually being implemented by Coke (unfortunately).  I'm actually doing a project on Coke right now and one of my suggestions for opportunities they could pursue was being more eco-friendly.

And one more amazing pic to share with you:
That picture is simply beautiful! I love the teal/pale aquamarine vases, and the wood table... I just want it in my house!  As well as a well lit window with white curtains like the one in the picture, I could go for that for sure.  But this image was found on the adorable Tumblr called "Elizabethtown" which has some great little findings, and has a special place in my heart now because of Elizabeths penchant for all things Harry Potter.  (You should check out her Hogwarts houses polyvore post, super cute.)

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